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THROWBACK MEMORIES!!! Top 20 Sweet Things You Probably Did While Growing Up (Everyone Is Guilty Of No 7) - NaijachordNaijachord

THROWBACK MEMORIES!!! Top 20 Sweet Things You Probably Did While Growing Up (Everyone Is Guilty Of No 7)


Growing up is one memory everyone would always love to visit over and over again.

Those days when we think all we do is the right way to live life

Let’s talk about our childhood days when we all got nothing to think about other than to play and eat.

We will be talking about thing almost everyone did while growing up. Some of us are definitely guilty of doing all of these things.

Some of us still do some of these things intentionally because we still feel like experiencing childhood once again.

See the list below:-

👉   If you didn’t kill earthworm with salt.

👉   If you didn’t sleep on the couch and wake up on the bed.

👉   If you didn’t throw your milk tooth on the roof for the lizards to take it and give you new ones.

👉   If you never waved at white birds expecting your nails to be whiter – leke leke tinz

👉   If you didn’t play rubber band.

👉   If you never bathed in the rain.

👉   If you didn’t do “rub and shine” – just wash your hands and legs instead of bathing when going to school.

👉   If nobody told you about India vs Nigeria 99-1.

👉   If you didn’t close the fridge door really slowly to see when the lights went off.

👉   If you didn’t mix garri and sugar in your pocket and eat while walking in the street (okay, I didn’t actually do this one, but still…).

👉   If you never did mama and papa play i.e. cooking grass and sand without fire.

👉   If you didn’t play table soccer with cover beer-bottle.

👉   If you never heard of a ghost that stays under mango trees at nights.

👉   If you were never told that if you swallowed orange seeds, an orange tree would grow in your stomach.

👉   If you didn’t drive a single car tyre with a stick and called it your car!

👉   If you didn’t act film in uncompleted building or under bed with friends.

👉  If you never flew a kite – MADE WITH EBA!

👉   If you didn’t use your two legs to build houses with sand.

👉   If you didn’t write your name on a strip of paper and insert it into your pen so that no one will steal it.

👉   If you didn’t play “Jangilova epo motor”, ten-ten or suwe…

The end

So Guys,  👇

Which Of These Things Do You Still Find Yourself Doing?

Which Them Was The Most Interesting To Do Back Then?

Lets hear from you

Drop your comments


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