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Alibaba Gives Accolades To Lagbaga For Contributing To His Career

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Posted by Naijachord


Nigerian Veteran Humorist, Alibaba wrote a flawless message to veteran artist, Lagbaja as he turned 60 years of age on May nineteenth.

Alibaba in a review he posted on Instagram said that the historical backdrop of business accomplishment of stand up parody can’t be composed without referencing the job Lagbaja played in it.

Alibaba Composed,

“The historical backdrop of the business accomplishment of stand up parody can’t be composed without referencing the job this man, @officiallagbaja played in its, procedure, advancement, and enactin

g the money.

From #SeaGarden to #Motherlan’, he was exceptionally clear about how he needed me to be a piece of his task.

“Ali, I need you in front of an audience by 12 PM till 12:30 or something like that. Would you be able to deal with it?” He asked me at an auto technician shop on Oregun.

I had seen him play at certain occasions in various pieces of Lagos. I realized he had a faction following among the upwardly versatile youngsters and ladies.

I said yes. What’s more, were My suppositions right?

“I need astute and unconstrained jokes that will cut over, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and all other people who will come to watch us. Also, I need you to yabbbbbbbb them well.”

What l at that point said more likely than not fixed it. “Shey you won’t state I should mitigate it?”.

There was one person, who sat in at the gathering. He had eyes like a Tortoise Vehicle. His brain was half there at the gathering… and a half at the BMW he had taught one of his technicians to fix.

His feelings of trepidation were not unwarranted. Since, as he was attempting to react to my non-serious inquiry, the vehicle the youthful student was attempting to lift, turned over what he used to wedge the front tire.

We as a whole ran to help with pushing the BMW once more from where it had folded into the entryway of another vehicle.

It was a messy workshop.

Lagbaja was wearing earthy colored chinos and a checked top.

He went to the technician, Adeoye or Ade something, (it’s been long) “All in all, what do you think?”

“He is the man”. What’s more, came back to managing the vehicle guard.

Lagbaja, right now, was perched on the burnet of a vehicle, got up to his feet, and shook my hand. “See you on Friday one week from now”

That Friday came. Also, The group was as anticipated, untamed, noisy, and wild. They were rich. I had an objective to reach. Along these lines, I left the jokes. Mo bu shege kuro lara awon were. Progressively, they began to tune in. There was another sheriff around.

What’s more, from SeaGarden to Opebi, the craftsmanship and demonstration of Stand Up were slid into the corporate world. Banks. Oil organizations. Combinations. Military young men… all in.

Egungun, Egbon… I acknowledge once more.”




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