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Clarence Peters’ Girlfriend Speaks On His Arrest Over Picture Kodak’s Death - NaijachordNaijachord

Clarence Peters’ Girlfriend Speaks On His Arrest Over Picture Kodak’s Death


Clarence Subsides’ better half of 14 years, Jennifer, has stood up on the capture of mainstream Nigerian music video executive, Clarence Diminishes, over the passing of Picture Kodak.

As indicated by reports, Picture Kodak was shocked in the place of Clarence Diminishes who has now been captured and kept by the Lagos state Police order.

Picture Kodak who kicked the bucket on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 was said to have been shocked while charging her telephone. Reports likewise guarantees she was barefooted and sat close to the entryway while working her telephone which was connected.

Kodak is said to have endured chest consumes after the telephone fell on her and she passed on before she could be hurried to a clinic.

Talking on his capture, Jennifer in a protracted web based life post disclosed her dismay over the improvement as she says the Nigerian police power seem to be “decimating individuals’ notoriety”.

Peruse her post underneath,

“It is SICKENING the debasement and laxity in the NIGERIAN POLICE Power!

Above all, lemme start with you the ones who follow sites and remark without intuition. That somebody procures a living from breaking homes and decimating individuals’ notoriety is something that ought to normally be troubling to you however NO, it revives you.

Along these lines, as Clarence’s 14yrs long sweetheart, Lemme state Definitively that CLARENCE Diminishes was welcome to police order, YABA and he went there energetically.

He was NOT captured, nor was he Accused Of Homicide as expressed by the press articulation from the police order through their representative BALA ELKANA!

Because we decided to stay silent until the post-mortem result comes out before tending to the press and obviously the police report to excuse him was marked and gathered.

On friday second of May, 2020 an insightful group drove by Initial public offering, MR. POPOOLA, after the on-scene examination was done, the body visited at the funeral home, arrived at a resolution they had no case with CLARENCE PETERS(who was not on the location of occurrence) SEGUN the business supervisor, the 4dancers and two different individuals from staff of CAPITAL DREAMS PICTURES, (all alluded to as witnesses), that it was a Characteristic Mishap.

He composed his report with that impact. Occasions went in a new direction when The DCP-YETUNDE LONGE, came in and asked that the report be torn, he composed a second one that she tore once more. By the third report, at that point came in MR. OYE and his dad Sir Shina Dwindles and she was unable to proceed with her injustice.

She concurred they had NO CASE with him and the remainder of the observers. “So for what reason are u despite everything holding him..” everybody asked, she said she was hanging tight for the post-mortem examination result so she can append it.

At the point when she saw she had been gotten, she sent them to put out a press articulation that he was charged for homicide. So figuring Nigerians, would someone be able to be “CHARGED” without a post-mortem examination led?

Backtrack somewhat, after LD passed on, it took more than 24hrs to look for the assent from her family to direct that examination. When the assent was gotten, because of the COVID-19 caused NIGERIAN COURTS Conclusion, the post-mortem was to begin on monday being tomorrow.

So once more, how are we talking “he’s being charged for MURDER”??? Since they chose to toss the principal blow of pessimism, gives up ALL OUT with the data.

You have all been sitting tight for a reaction from him and in light of the fact that he decided to be decent, somebody who contributes emphatically to the nigerian economy, they need yo discolor his name? Furthermore, artistes, everybody hushes up? No one is posing inquiries other than “how might she be electrocuted”???

Is it right? Who is going to charge PHCN to court for the Flood? Yetunde Alonge said on the off chance that he was a normal individual she would have released him but since he and his folks are famous people that is the reason.

Since u all look to know about clarence “killed” her, on the off chance that clarence “assaulted” her, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to all at that point walk to PANTI and ask your police power inquiries.

Try not to sit on sites spilling deceptions and stamp your engraving by remarking unconsciously. We were going to sit tight for the outcomes and her family yet plainly, everybody is staying silent and hauling him in the mud.

I WON’T! I have NEVER stayed silent despite ILLS, I won’t start now.

Also, to CP, Biodun remain solid cos THIS Also Will PASS!!! 🤍ALWAYS and Until the end of time!

What’s more, to Each BLOG who has made a special effort to lie in the slide is the article posted by GLB, she brought it down very quickly before posting the observer’s record, how would we go from electric shock to Assault?

I don’t have an issue with an examination as it Normally, under Ordinary conditions ought to be directed anyplace on the planet, Yet completely asserting you know individuals he assaulted and mishandled isn’t sth to kid about.

This is the manner by which individuals Misdirect the Effectively Uninformed Open. Giving individuals motivation to shape Adverse feelings and I see individuals who I thought had sense offering Scornful comments? You need to know how we arrived here, it was all your remarking.

So credit to the web journals and YOU Particularly, the uninformed Parcel.

An educative or educational post be set up, you wont see remarks. When Dangote truck slaughtered three of my aunties without a moment’s delay, there was no mayhem.

At that point a Characteristic Mishap will happen, u state it was MURDER!

May God pardon All of us!

May His awesome help remain consistently with us and may the spirits of all the devoted withdrew through the kindness of God find happiness in the hereafter, So be it!”


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