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WANTS TO BE A MARLIAN?? Check Out The Top 10 Easy Ways On How To Become A Marlain (No 10 Are The Real Marlians)

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Posted by Naijachord


Arguably Marlians groups are presently the biggest and most famous groups in Nigeria.

Many are Marlain but don’t even know the real characteristic of a Marlian.

Below are some Characteristic of a verified Marlians, if you don’t do any of these things, you are not a real Marlian.

1. Crazy Hairstyle:

You can never see a Marlian in a cooperate dress, they are the one that always looks rough with a crazy hairstyle.
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2. Alcohol Addicted: 

Whether you call yourself a Marlian or not, so far you can’t do without taking alcohol in a day, you are automatically a Marlians.
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3. No Belt Gang:

This is the first rule set by the Marlians Boss, Naira Marley. Remember one of his lyrics that says: Zero belt, thousand trousers, which simply means Marlians don’t use belt.
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4. Zero Manner: 

This is one of the famous ways to identify a Marlian, Manners are far from them, they fear nothing which results in another way to know a Marlian (MAFO)
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5.  Don’t Fear Anything (MAFO)

Lol! you would have heard about 44-4 right? O fo ti(Zero fear). Marlians don’t fear anything, even death😂.
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6. Drug Addicted: 

This is the bad side of them, these are the ultimate Marlians, doing drug is not okay. you can be a Marlian without doing drug, but they are also classified as a Marlians.
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7. Masturbators: 

If you are doing this, you are automatically a Marlian. Remember the popular soapy jam? SEE HERE! This is where the masturbation habits came from.
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8. Weed Addicted: 

The C.E.O of Marlians is sometimes quoted as Igbolabi (Born to Smoke Weed), which makes you a Marlian If you smoke Weed too.
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9. No Educational Success: 

This is people’s popular opinion about Marlians, since we all know/believe Marlians don’t have any good character, they are also expected not to graduate from their various Institution.
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10. Those Who Love Naira Marley’s Music:

To round these up, it’s important to know that you don’t have to be a bad boy/girl to be a Marlian, if you love Naira Marley and his music, you can also call yourself a Marlian. You are not Paramount to do drug, smoke weed, be alcohol addicted to be called a Marlian.

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Which Of  These Are You Doing That Makes You A Marlian??

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