Some Fact you should know about malt and milk.
GH photographyFeb 25, 2020
Malt and milk is not a blood tonic

Read below;

It all started when a random twitter user by name Accidental Engineer posted a picture of a tin of peak milk and Maltina with the caption “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” to which Doctor Olufunmilayo quoted saying, this is not a blood tonic.

Each 100g of Peak Milk contains 28.3g of Fat (of which 19g is “saturated fat” which is actually bad fat- very bad medically for your heart). 37.1g carbohydrates. 25g protein. 506 kilocalories of energy. And the rest are salt, vitamin A and D.”

“So essentially Peak Milk is mainly fats, carbohydrates and protein. “Blood tonics” need to be rich in IRON- that is easily absorbable by the body- because this is what your body needs and uses to make blood! And unfortunately, Peak Milk has NONE of that. There is NO Iron in it.”

Okay let’s analyze Maltina

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What does it contain? Look at the attached images. Again you see that Maltina – like any malt drink- is mainly calories and carbohydrates (sugar) with very little fat and vitamins. That’s all. There is NO Iron whatsoever in Maltina. NONE AT ALL.

So you now see my argument as a medical doctor on this myth of “Maltina and Peak milk gives blood”. Maltina has NO Iron. Peak Milk has NO Iron. Iron is what your body needs to build blood. Do you now see that it makes no medical sense to continue to believe this deceitful myth?

Unfortunately, some Nollywood movies and many uninformed elderly people have pushed this narrative for so long that no one ever bothered to check or ask questions. But actually, it is NOT true. Milk and Malt will NOT give you Blood. If you feel you need blood, see your doctor.


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