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Soccer Betting Guide and Strategy



Soccer Betting Guide and Strategy

Last year in May, the U.S Supreme Court revoked the Amateur and Professional Sports Protection Act established in 1992, lifting the federal ban on sports betting. That allowed states to develop their gambling laws, opening the gates to tons of betting operators from all over the world. Today, sports gambling has become a sizable industry, with soccer betting at the helm.

Soccer Betting Demographics

Football betting mainly appeals to a demographic of younger males, with men claiming 69% of professional soccer bets. A survey by the American Gaming Association also shows that 45% of core soccer punters are aged between 23-34 years. Most of these people were raised with the internet, making it easy for them to access online soccer betting.

Due to the growth in popularity of smartphones among people between 18-30 years, millions of users are getting into soccer betting every week. However, not many thrive on the long-run, since most beginners and recreational punters rely on luck and a glance at the odds to choose an outcome. Even those who do in-depth research on the game still make rookie mistakes once in a while.

Online Soccer Betting Strategy

Punters will at times need some direction and guidance while learning more about soccer betting. Having a solid strategy helps a punter to gain a strong foothold in the market, helping them to reduce the house edge and have a better chance of success. Of course, it’s essential to check Golisports latest soccer updates to know what’s happening on the stadium if you missed a game, but bettors also need other skills to succeed.

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These are the most popular betting strategies that punters can start with as they continue following the latest updates on Golisports:

Value Betting

There’s a lot of stuff that punters can learn from value betting. That means the bettor isn’t particularly looking for a team that can yield results, but scouring the bookmaker’s site to find some undervalued odds. To do that, punters need to convert odds into a percentage, then compared with the probability of the outcome happening.

For instance, if a team’s odds to win the game stands at 4/1, then you need to take one divide by four plus one then multiply by 100, giving you a 20% winning probability, according to the bookmaker. The punter can then determine his fair value by looking at the team’s form and head-to-head comparison. That means id the bettor decides the fair value is 40%, then it means the bookie has undervalued the bet and hence, there is value.

Under/Over 2.5 Goals Betting

This straightforward betting strategy is excellent when the punter wants to select a clutch of matches on a single coupon. As with all gambling strategies, this kind of betting isn’t set on stone, though it’s a 50/50 chance on every game, which is far much better compared to three-way betting.

Like all strategies, the punter must have all the statistics to make informed decisions on the average goals expected in a match. It’s prudent to consider the number of goals that both teams have conceded at home and away during the season. If the average goes above 2.7, then there’s value in the Over 2.5 goals market.

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