Relationship is all about trust and sincerity, but in all honesty; there are things that should be left untouched or unsaid. Communication has taken important role in a relationship to last, yet the same communication can destroy your relationship if you fail to know what to communicate and how to communicate it with when to communicate them.

In fact, it is better to keep certain thoughts to yourself for security and beneficial purpose. According to Jonathan Bennett, he said “total honesty isn’t always the best policy”.

To keep your relationship intact and minimize unnecessary issues, make sure you avoid revealing these to your partner;

1. Your Past With Your Exz
Your past is what builds your today. Sometimes your feelings for your exes became complicated s you might wonder what went wrong or why are you still having feelings for your ex. It is normal and it helps you forge ahead but there is no need telling your partner in order to feel being sincere and honest. It will cost you more harm than good. Don’t try it.

2. Never Reveal Your Feelings About Your Partner’s Family.
Common mistake people make especially ladies is easily revealing their feelings towards their partner’s family to their man. Why would you share minor dislikes or likes about your partner’s family?

When you get into serious relationship with anyone, you have practically entered their little world and those issues of like and dislike must come in, void frequently discussing it with your partner except the family is creating some sort of uncomfortable toxic situation for you, in which case you are permitted to let your partner know what you are passing through. For the sake of peace, keep those dislike to yourself.

3. Never Let Your Partner Know You Doubt Their Love For You.
Relationship is a trail version of marriage; doubts must be involved and float always. It is normal to have doubts over the seriousness or love level in the relationship but it is forbidden to outer such words to your partner unless you are sure of what you are saying and have reasons to let your partner know in order to sit up and do the right things.

Many relationship collapses because of such statement. When you tell your partner about your doubts over the affairs, it seems as if his or her efforts are not been appreciated by you and may create a secondary issue that my lead to total breakup.

4. Avoid Giving Opinions About Their Friends Sharing To Partner. When you notice that your partner’s friend is doing something not nice, kindly keep such opinion to yourself unless the person in question is doing something so offensive to you, then you should open up.

But if your partner asks your candid thoughts about their friends or family, tread lightly and say little but listen more. It may be a trap.

5. Never Bring Up Things You Miss About Your Old Relationship.
No matter how committed and love you enjoy in your current relationship, there are things you miss in your past. It could be bonfire, smile, your exes cooking styles, jokes, places you go and people you meet. It is not advisable to compare your old relationship with your current one. Avoid bringing them up. Keep those thoughts and memories to yourself to safe your relationship. If you must discuss it, please discuss your old relationship with your heart not your partner.

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