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An Experience With Weed [A Must Read]

Smoking Weed 1
Posted by Naijachord


I had quite recently moved out of my folks house and was imparting a space to my “companion”. I had no clue he smoked weed, in spite of his dubious developments and mark weed scent(abi na smell?) scarcely fourteen days subsequent to moving in with him, my most noticeably awful feelings of trepidation were affirmed as he began bringing home his weed smoking pals and they would occassionally roll a wrap and smoke it in that spot in the room or blend the weed in with beans or spagehtti.

Being an inquisitive individual I generally thought about what fulfilled them in the wake of smoking, so I chose to discover for myself(wrong move)

It was a hot day in february, a saturday I think it was, my companion was out not surprisingly. I scanned wherever for his reserve yet couldn’t discover it so I chose to proceed to get mine. I showed up the weed joint all damp with sweat and anxious, half hoping to get muged yet no one appeared to know about my essence there, they were all on various planets all expect one I presumed that he should be the merchant so I moved toward him and the accompanying discussion followed: Me: how far?

Weed vender: I dey

Me: I wan purchase weed

Weed dealer: what number of bundle?

Me: package ke? Iro oo, na simply little I need

Weed dealer: snickers extremely hard. bolo leleyi sha (which means this person is a moron oo)

Evidently, a bundle of weed is that little wrap, I didn’t realize that. I thought it was something enormous.

I gave him 1000naira and he gave me a minuscule wrap of weed with a white paper, I was suprised when he gave me 950 as change. I couldn’t beleive weed was that modest.

On my way home, I chose not to smoke it yet blend it in with beans since I believed that it will be better that way(another wrong move). Long story short, I cooked beans and included the entire weed, ate it and called my companion, I let him know ogbeni I just ate weed oo and nothing transpired this one that you individuals will eat and be feeling astounding, I wear slash am oo. My companion resembled ehen you be resilient man oo.

I chose to take a snappy snooze before doing clothing, I woke up around 20 minutes after the fact on the floor I was slamming my head against the floor, and I was unable to stop, my heart beat was so perceptible and quick, everything was extra splendid and extra noisy. Following a couple of moments of head slamming, I had the option to get up from the floor, I felt as though I had recently accessed a piece of my psyche that I never knew existed beforehand, it was alarming and cool simultaneously. I could feel the blood streaming in my veins(you need to encounter it to trust it.

Despite the fact that I emphatically exhort against it) I felt so awkward in the room, it felt like I was in a stove unexpectedly a voice in my mind wisphered ogbeni bo aso e joor (off your garments) I complied. The voice came back again oya sa re(now run) that was the point at which I understood that the weed had produced results so I chose to scrub down to check whether it will quiet me down, yet the water felt so hot on my skin so hot I came up short on the washroom.

I called my companion to check whether he could assist me with comprehending what was happening however he giggled at me, he solicited me the amount from weed I took and I revealed to him I utilized an entire bundle, he said guyyyyy you wear eff up in the event that you no rest in the following 30mins, you go frantic oo go scientist cause you to go account for yourself.

At this point things had raised, I had an extreme tingle at the rear of my head that wouldn’t leave regardless of how hard I scratched and I was persuaded that the beating in my chest was a shrewd soul that must be executed with a punch. I hurried to my neighbor champion and revealed to him champion e jo e fun mi lese laya(champion pls punch me in the chest) ti e ba gbami lese laya mo mama ku oo(if you don’t punch me I will bite the dust oo) he murmured and exited having had enough of such gibberish from the young men in the young men quatters.

The voice in my mind came back again iwo na o de gba ara e lese laya abi o ti fe ku ni(why don’t you punch yourself in the chest or would you like to pass on?) I punched and punched yet there was no distinction.

The house was getting more blazing, the voice in my mind was getting stronger, the tingle in my mind was deteriorating, and the shrewd soul in my chest was getting stronger. At that point came the voice again oya mama sare lo(start running) so I began running however on getting outside in the sun, I felt so chilly I was shuddering yet that didn’t prevent me from running(i would have given husain jolt a run for his cash on that day).

On getting to the scientist, I understood I was uncovered footed, I revealed to him I had a serious cerebral pain I required something to make me rest promptly, he gave me the medication and I bit it in that spot in his quality, next I requested that he give me a medication for malicious soul, that was the point at which he understood something wasn’t right with me and pursued me out.

I got back home and attempted to rest however my heart beat wouldnt let me, so I ran retreat this time around to a medical attendant in the zone, first thing she asked was kilode o wo bata ni? (why not have your shoes on? I advised her jackie chan ti gba bata lowo mi (jackie chan gathered my shoes) I was at last ready to disclose my circumstance to her and she took me in, tied something around my elbow and infused me legitimately in the vein. I passed out quickly just to wake around 1 or 2am in the night with the most exceedingly terrible sort of craving I have ever felt in my life. I ate an entire portion of margarine field bread at a time without spread or tea.

I got back home to a legend’s welcome, my companion revealed to me e resemble say your head no convey am nevertheless e go better make you attempt am again so you go dey use to it. The next day while the house was unfilled, I pressed my Ghana must proceed to like the reckless child in the good book I returned home to my folks. It’s been a couple of years since that experience however the exercise I learnt is an extraordinary one. My interest hasn’t gotten me in a tough situation again and my friend network have since changed.




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