Hello! Today in this article, I will be talking about DailyFundz review. But before I proceed, I will first like to show you a brief introduction of what will be discussed in relation to this DailyFundz review.

What is DailyFundz?

DailyFundzis an online referral marketing business whereby users get paid for carrying out activities like reading of news, commenting on news, sharing of sponsored posts, and also for inviting people to the platform.

How Does DailyFundzWorks?

Here are the various ways you can earn on DailyFundz as claimed by their content

  1. Sign Up Bonus #801 When you register
  2. Daily login bonus; DailyFundz will pay you an amount of NGN50 for logging in daily to the website.
  3. Reading of news on DailyFundz; you will earn a bonus of #10 each time you read or open news, article, or post on DailyFundz.
  4. Commenting on posts; each time you drop a comment on any of their posts, you will be rewarded with an amount of #5
  5. Sharing of sponsored posts and Campaign adverts; whenever you share their daily sponsored post or any of their campaign advert on your Facebook timeline, you will earn a reward of #100.
  6. Submission of blog posts; each blog post/article you submit on DailyFundz will earn you a reward of #100 upon successful approval.
  7. Invitation of others; for each person, you invite to DailyFundz and they successfully register using your unique referral link, you will be credited with a referral commission/bonus of #1000. You can invite as many people as you can to maximize your profit in the business.

How Legit is DailyFundz?

DailyFundz is not a scam business neither is it a legit business. All I can say is that they are a company that doesn’t keep their strong made promise and is only after the satisfaction of themselves and their staff. As I said in the introduction that the platform has been around for a while… They have been paying but the only problem is that; only smart earners are paid.

Are There Any Alternatives to DailyFundz?

Yes, there are lots of alternatives you can take advantage of in place of DailyFundz, check them out in our reviews section or check out my best way of making money online

Meanwhile, my friend wrote about a platform that deals mainly with making money with referrals…

What Do I Need to Sign Up on DailyFundz?

Here are the requirements needed in order to join DailyFundz Online program.

  1. A Smartphone/laptop with a working internet connection.
  2. A registration fee of NGN1,800

How Can I Sign Up On DailyFundz ?

Once you have learned about how it works and still interested in joining this platform, follow the steps to get started on

Final Conclusions on DailyFundz Review

After a lot of research made by our review team, we only recommend you to join this DailyFundz program.

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