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Reasons why campus relationships don’t last long (Check In)

When you see a couple holding hands in academic corridors, you would think they were bound in heaven. They shy not from expressing their love even in serious environments such as lecture halls and the library.

Sleepovers, shopping together and going out every weekend is the routine and they almost forget that they are students. Unfortunately, most of these relationships dont go beyond graduation. In fact, some end the very day the two finish their final paper.

But why is it that some of these relationships never mature into marriage? I talked to some three friends who are victims of failed campus relationships and I have sampled some reasons as to why love ends after campus.

Being broke. After graduating from college, one is usually busy hunting for a job. The little money one has is solely dedicated to job searching.

“After clearing my studies, I had no money to travel all the way from Oyo State to the Portacort to see her. I could hardly afford credit to call her leave alone taking her out for a date. It must have been that she felt unappreciated and decided to move on and date another person who was well off” recalls Jimmy William a graduate from the University of Ibadan.

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