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Do you think of Promoting your Online? – Your first choice should be NAIJACHORD.

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Promotion Package

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Pack 1, Cost 2,000

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Pack 2, Cost 3,000

📍With Upload Feature, appear on Minimum of 3 sites, 5days Hyping & Social Media Handle.

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Pack 3, Cost 5,000

📍With Upload Feature, With 5 another Sites, 7days Hyping with Over 1500view WhatsApp Tv & Social Media Handle.

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Pack 4, Cost 10,000

📍With Upload Feature, With 10 another Sites, 14days Hyping With Over 2000view WhatsApp Tv & Social Media Handle & Special Promotion.

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For procedures on How to get your Music/Video on Naijachord.

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Invest in your music career, because there is no way you can become a star, or get good record deals from record labels if you don’t promote your music(s)new line faint dotted


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6. Your Artiste get an Official Music Page on Naijachord and many other goodies.

We are looking forward to helping you Promote your on Naijachord.

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NOTICE:- Naijachord also offers other excellent  packages for Music & Video.

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