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[Video] Abraham D – I Found You

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Abraham D Ministry, a singer and songwriter that puts thoughts and his love for god in his lyrics and music.

Abraham Is a gospel artist from New York who fuses gospel and African tunes. His music is a cocktail of musical styles. It mixes RnB, Gospel and Reggae. He is a go getter, he is amazing and will make it huge in the music industry soon.

Abraham D Ministry’s love for music comes from his love of creating amazing content and the love for god and devotion towards him. His motivation is to spread a message of hope to the world through the music he writes and releases. There is a lot of negativity in this world and he wants to show people the positivity in the negativity. His music is a light of hope for those who want to be heard. He is here to put a mark amongst the best of the best in the entertainment business.
Abraham is constantly inspired to create music, sharing meaningful sounds and lyrics and sharing stories through his lyrics that are relatable for people to understand, establishing a connection with others is extremely important, and to be able to share his passion with others is an amazing opportunity, he believes. This belief has led him to release songs, perform big venues and create amazing works of art.

It all started with Abraham singing at the opening concert of the Christian Convention with Pastor Yonggi Cho from Korea at Houphouet Boigny Stadium at Ivory Coast.

From that point he learnt who he was and what he could become and because of that, he has been able to write. From the first song he wrote in 2013 to the song he performed on stage, every single one is filled with magic.

Abraham has his own uniqueness in his music and also in his beats and sounds, fresh everytime.

Though he is inspired by a diverse number of artists, one can simply figure out the music of Abraham D Ministry, due to the iconic vocals or the highly attractive lyrics and sounds. He never puts a label on his sound because it is a unique fusions of Gospel, RnB and Reggae, which is very soothing to hear.

For a long time, Abraham has been writing his own music and has been working with producers and artists to create original content. His upcoming release is “I Found You” which is about finding Jesus and following his path to salvation. He is currently about to release his EP called “My Love for You”. He is now releasing music in 2020, with his new EP being released very soon.

This 2020 He is releasing new music. This EP represents his passage to righteousness.

This EP album is called “My love of you” and is a body of work that aims to express his love of God. He uses a very melodic and youthful sound to express his devotion and in a very melodic way expresses his joy and amusement in finding God. He said “I want to show that we can worship through all kinds of music”. The particular song in the EP that stands out is called “I found you,” which is an expression of a person who seeks God’s fulfillment.

Abraham D Ministry has a message he wants to spread through his music and that is empowerment, owning yourself and love God which reflects heavily in his EP. He believes that music is the universal language that everyone across the globe shares an affinity with, it’s how we are all connected and he is here to connect us all. Music has changed his life and he is always filled with passion for music and love for God.

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